Three renowned artists make up the Trio Young-Lalonde-Sidorov.

  • Soprano Karen Young has over thirty years of experience in the world of music. She is equally at home in jazz, contemporary or classical.
  • Alto Josée Lalonde is well known for her work in early music. She has been a featured soloist in well established ensembles such as the Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal, Les Idées Heureuses, Ensemble Caprice and the Toronto Consort, among others.
  • Accordionist Vladimir Sidorov has been living in Montréal since 1997. He has performed extensively in both Canada and Russia.

During their concerts, the trio will take you on a journey from shadow into light as they explore Bach, Poulenc, Machaut, Guédron, world music, jazz and more. An evening filled with emotion!

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